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Geotargeting in Programmatic

A study of digital campaigns show traffic targeting 10 DMAs mapped well to those geographies.  Exceptions are some datacenter traffic, and micro-targeting.  Zooming in, local “freckles” of hundreds of IP addresses were shown to have the same geo-location, and not the exact user GPS location — desktop, mobile, and tablet shared the same clusters of geo-locations.

Co-Author: Dr. Augustine Fou – Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher

Bots vs Humans on a Map

Geographic distribution of human and bot traffic in internet advertising is generally comparable when viewed on a map.  Mass fraud commited out of large datacenters is the one exception.  Close examination of the bot traffic does show some unlikely geographies but most is likely sourced from malware sitting on a system attached to a legitimate IP address location.

Co-Author: Dr. Augustine Fou – Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher

The New WMD’s

The New WMD’s

WMD? Is Cathy O’Neil creating a hysterical media frenzy so she can sell more copies of “Weapons of Math Destruction“, or is she sincerely onto something?

Well, if the word “math” in your book title, it’s best to do anything you can to get some other relevant attention! Anything! Foment hysteria? Well, worth a try… But we’re into something more than just fomenting hysteria here. It’s a radical book, but fair. And well written….