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Geotargeting in Programmatic

A study of digital campaigns show traffic targeting 10 DMAs mapped well to those geographies.  Exceptions are some datacenter traffic, and micro-targeting.  Zooming in, local “freckles” of hundreds of IP addresses were shown to have the same geo-location, and not the exact user GPS location — desktop, mobile, and tablet shared the same clusters of geo-locations.

Co-Author: Dr. Augustine Fou – Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher

Bots vs Humans on a Map

Geographic distribution of human and bot traffic in internet advertising is generally comparable when viewed on a map.  Mass fraud commited out of large datacenters is the one exception.  Close examination of the bot traffic does show some unlikely geographies but most is likely sourced from malware sitting on a system attached to a legitimate IP address location.

Co-Author: Dr. Augustine Fou – Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher

The New WMD’s

The New WMD’s

WMD? Is Cathy O’Neil creating a hysterical media frenzy so she can sell more copies of “Weapons of Math Destruction“, or is she sincerely onto something?

Well, if the word “math” in your book title, it’s best to do anything you can to get some other relevant attention! Anything! Foment hysteria? Well, worth a try… But we’re into something more than just fomenting hysteria here. It’s a radical book, but fair. And well written….

Predictive Models I’ve Built

While at Epsilon, from 2000-2016, and at Time Inc. prior to that, my primary use of data was to create analyses and predictive models for client applications.  I also created predictive models that became data products in their own right, many of which are still sold to Epsilon clients today.

Generally working with customer file data using SAS and R, I created the following types of modeling solutions:

  1. Likelihood to Pay on a Marketing Offer – Predict the likelihood of payment and non-payment using ensemble modeling techniques
  2. Response Optimization – Enable optimal business results in client marketing campaigns through response models
  3. Segmentation – Used nearest neighbor and hierarchical segmentation techniques to segment the population into categories, or personas
  4. Prospect Models – Predict prospects that look most likely to exhibit a specific behavior, such as, response, pay, or product purchase
  5. Cross-Sell Models – Response models using customer transactional data to predict likelihood to respond to a new product offer
  6. Product Optimization – Given the likelihood of response, predict which product will be most profitable to offer to an existing customer.
  7. Area-Level Data Imputation – Impute missing data values using geographic roll-ups to enable complete data set coverage
  8. Propensity Models – Use census-balanced weighting to model look-alikes to self-reported consumer behaviors
  9. Econometric Models – Predict estimates for household characteristics such as income, net worth, and home value, applied as census-balanced scores across the US market
  10. Area-level Models – Predict geographies with populations most likeyl to exhibit an interest or purchase behavior


Data I’ve Worked With

Most recently I worked on ad fraud detection using browser data.  Prior to that, I was responsible for Epsilon’s Analytical Data Assets team.  In this role I was tasked with analytic product development based on both Epsilon and 3rd party data.  While at Epsilon, from 2000-2016, my primary use of data has been to create analyses and predictive models for client applications.

I’ve worked with the following types of data:

  1. JSON Browser Data – Developed python code base to read and analyze browser session data containing indicators of potential human or ad fraud.
  2. Compiled Consumer Data – Household characteristics such as age, income, home ownership, and purchase transactions primarily on Epsilon’s TotalSource Plus file containing thousands of data points on 160MM US households.
  3. Consumer Self-Reported Data – Self-reported warranty and survey data relating to interests, purchases, and ailments (for example, interest in gardening, shops at Walmart, and suffers from diabetes), primarily from Epsilon’s Target Source database of over 40MM US households.
  4. Consumer Transactional Data – Bank data relating to credit and debit card line items summarized by merchant and merchant category by month, primarily Epsilon’s Market View data.
  5. Credit Data – Consumer credit line and credit inquiry data from Credit Bureaus
  6. Web Data – Email and digital data streams for web analytic analysis
  7. Syndicated Market Research Data – Census-balanced self-reported consumer research data, primarily the MRI syndicated survey research file.
  8. Business Firmagraphic Data – Characteristics and contacts associated with business entities
  9. Aggregated Credit Data – Credit bureau information aggregated at a zip+4 level
  10. US Census Data – Typically compiled and resold by companies such as, Epsilon and others
  11. Customer Relationship Management Data – Client specific transactional data in various industries (publishing, travel, financial)
  12. Dimagi CommCare – Contact and Case data associated with Covid-19 pandemic in NY State
  13. Salesforce – Marketing and Service cloud contact data

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LinkedIn Profile and Work Experience

Peter Zajonc on LinkedIn

Summary.  Proven ability to create business value from strategies and tactics using marketing data, including product development and advanced analytics applications. Experienced analytic consultant at Epsilon, Equifax, and Time Inc., serving clients such as, Experian, Dataline, Hilton, Tauck World Discovery, Time Magazine, and Foreign Affairs. Passionate about leadership and about leading data integration efforts for businesses.

Specialties.  Framing vision, analytic consulting, analytic leadership, strategic analytics, business value, communications, self-motivated leader, team player, customer segmentation, profiling, prospecting analytics, retention analytics, loyalty analytics, contact strategies, offer optimization, multi-channel marketing, multi-product marketing, behavioral profiling, market research, multi-variate regression, multi-variate testing, exploratory data analysis, factor analysis, demographic and lifestyle data expert, creating marketing, data fusion, data mining, database marketing, online display marketing, machine learning, gradient boosting, random forest, SAS, Python, R, SQL, Oracle Data Miner, Teradata, FOCUS, Excel


Principal at Pinpoint Targeting, LLC
October 2015 – Present
Pinpoint Targeting is a consulting and analytical services company whose sole mission is to create business value and strategic insight from data, databases, and data analytics. Accomplishments in marketing services, publishing, and public health:

  • Digital data merchandising distribution and integration to grow revenue by 10%+ through geo-targeting
  • Created a digital data taxonomy to improve discoverability, search, and reach new advertisers
  • Machine learning process to grow digital automotive audience revenue by $1.5MM, or 10%
  • Created a recommendation engine to optimize pre-sales efforts through machine learning ensembles
  • Developed a 20-person contact tracing team responsible for issuing quarantine orders, maintaining contact data quality, and identifying new covid-19 cases in Westchester County, NY.
  • Transformed a subscriber file to create a customer re-activation model that reduced costs 40% and retaining 85% of their reactivated customers permitting client to redeploy funds more productively.
  • Mapping human and bot web users to illustrate ad fraud at an advertising measurement company

Pinpoint Targeting clients look to expand application and monetization of their marketing data through improved customer acquisition and retention.

Sr. Director, Data Assets at Epsilon
January 2014 – July 2016 (2 years 7 months)

Developed analytical and modeling data services to retain business and drive new revenue.  Led effort to develop ensemble modeling and launch three data dimensions of Epsilon’s flagship data product, TotalSource Plus™:

  • Financial – Estimates of Household Income, Net Worth, Home Value, and ability to pay (Value Score)
  • Market Trends – Over 250 data propensities predicting consumer lifestyles and behaviors
  • Market View – Integrated non-credit consumer transactional data across 62 categories and 900 merchants Hilton and United used Market View and grew their marketing data spend by 10%

Sr. Director, Analytical Consulting Services at Epsilon Targeting
July 2010 – December 2013 (3 years 6 months)

Defined the vision and led a merged analytic organization formed after the sale of Equifax’s Direct Marketing Solutions (July, 2010).

  • Led 12 analysts and consultants responsible for over $25MM in annual revenue generated from custom analytical solutions. Retained all staff through the company integration period
  • Led $100k+ projects for Travelers (segmentation), Verizon (prospect modeling), and Synchrony (profitability uplift)

Director Analytic Consulting at Equifax
October 2000 – June 2010 (9 years 9 months)

  • Led analytical marketing services team of 11 analysts to provide analytical consulting solutions to Equifax clients.
    • Grew $8MM in revenue and over 300 client solutions annually across various industries, and 10% annually
    • Co-led cross-functional team tasked with designing and implementing aggregated credit data product
    • Led efforts to create and deploy the Household Income Identifier and Niches, a segmentation of the US market
    • Delivered custom segmentation, predictive models, optimum contact analysis, and campaign analytic solutions to Equifax clients and grew results 10% year-over-year

Assoc Dir, Customer Acquisition Analysis at Time Inc.
1996 – 2000

Designed and developed analytical solutions.  Led team of four whose work produced $3MM in profitability gains from response and payment models, as well CHAID analyses, segmentation analyses, and profiling.

  • Managed the development, maintenance, and design of the company predictive modeling system
  • Grew TIME magazine database acquisition mailings over 300%, from 6 million to 20 million pieces, over three years through the use of corporate marketing database segmentation and predictive modeling
  • Improved outside list rental profitability by 10% through offer optimization modeling
  • Led cross-departmental team in the development and implementation of multivariate tests of a large number of carefully controlled creative executions, greatly improving testing efficiency and cycle time

Prior Experience (Information Systems, Consulting):

  • Grew Time Warner Corporate Database by 25% to 50 million households and reduced build costs by 15% through efficiencies
  • Developed and implemented database systems for inventory control, sales costs, and sales contacts
  • Designed and implemented systems for international subscription fulfillment, newsstand and agent accounts receivable, general ledger, executive information reporting
  • Designed and implemented property management system for Exxon/Mobil

Education and Training

MBA, Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University, NY

BA, Mathematics and Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Multivariable Testing Techniques for Service Processes, QualPro

Master R Developer Workshop, RStudio, New York

Data Science Specialization, Coursera