Testing Does Not Create Cases – Covid-19 Does

The covid-19 storm is ravaging different US states during the past 45 days than it did early on when less testing was available. Deaths are growing 3X faster in these states than other states. Tests are up everywhere because testing is needed in a pandemic.

Covid-19 is truly a horrid storm: first it hit the pacific northwest, then the northeast, and now the south.

Covid-19 deaths in 25 states where deaths have grown fastest since April 30 are up 181%. In 25 states hit earlier by the storm — or not yet impacted — 60% more deaths occurred over the same period.

Growth in Covid-19 Deaths, Cases, and Tests: May 1 — June 15 2020

Increased testing does not explain growth in cases or deaths. Testing is a medical necessity; it does not cause cases.

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