Peter Zajonc (pronounced “ZY-unts”), Principal, Pinpoint Targeting (Oct. 2015 – present), relies on years of experience in driviPeter Zajonc 2016ng business value from client analytics and data to deliver strategic and tactical marketing data solutions to his clients.  He is skilled at and passionate about developing ways to create offline and online data value.

He has broad experience in business applications and in business problem solving.  A huge issue with running marketing programs is often the need for technical expertise coming from an expert marketers can both feel comfortable with and be assured that their business needs are understood.  Peter’s consultative guidance does just that.  His expertise stems from his analytic consulting and agency background with Epsilon, Equifax, and Time Inc. His clients included United Airlines, Hilton, Tauck World Discovery, Time Magazine, Travelers Insurance, and Democratic and Republican Senatorial Committees.

Peter led a variety of teams while at Epsilon from 2000-2016.  Most recently he was responsible for Epsilon’s Analytical Data Assets team tasked with analytic product development, including Target Income, Target ValueScore, Niches, Market Trends, and Market View.  His passion is to create and implement analytical solutions designed to meet client marketing needs by fully leveraging the power of marketing data.  He also managed and created thousands of models, profiles, and analytical projects across a variety of industries over a 25+ year database marketing career in consumer and B2B marketing, including 9 years at Time Inc’s Consumer Marketing Division.

While at Epsilon (then Equifax) he led the team that placed among the top three finishers in the 2008 DMA Analytic Challenge.  While at Time, Peter managed Time magazine’s corporate database marketing analytic team.  Peter has a BA in Mathematics and Linguistics from University of Toronto, and an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

In his free time Peter plays clarinet.  He lives with his wife and son in Nyack, NY.