Pinpoint Targeting, LLC

WheelPinpoint Targeting is a consulting and analytical services company whose sole mission is to create client value and strategic insight from data analytics. Our key offerings include accessing and acquiring database information, data assessment and standardization, merging and compiling data, analytical reporting, segmentation, feature engineering, data product development, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

Pinpoint Targeting clients look to us to expand application and monetization of their marketing data by “shining a light on data” so as to focus their strategy and improve customer acquisition and retention tactics through advanced analytics.


Pinpoint Targeting offers:

–Years of experience in strategic thinking about how to best drive business value from data and in leadership on predictive modeling projects

–Technical expertise coming from an expert that marketers can both feel comfortable with and be assured that their business needs are understood

–Consulting and project management for mid-tier enterprises looking for leadership from a large enterprise professional

–Subcontracted out-sourcing and project engagements for enterprises


Propensity Gains

Pinpoint Targeting, LLC (PTL) Shining a Light on Data

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Data Visualization — Mapping

  • Goal.  Client wanted to compare geographic distribution of human and “bot” ad traffic
  • What PTL did.  Converted JSON data into structured format used for input to folium maps in Python.
  • Outcome.  Co-authored the research with Dr. Augustine Fou – Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher.  Click here and here!


Data Source Evaluation

  • Goal.  Client wanted to assess the business impact of adding a unique set of consumer data to their database.
  • What PTL did. After planning the analysis, data was matched and correlated with existing information and then added to test models.
  • Outcome.  The model gains and uniqueness did provide incremental value, permitting client to bring a new data offering to market.


Propensity Models and Machine Learning

  • Goal.  Client wanted to refresh their propensity models.
  • What PTL did. After planning the deliverable, data was coded and a model build process was developed.
  • Outcome.  The 15 models permitted the client to got to market with an updated data product.



Data Visualization — Demo

  • Goal.  Client wanted to share economic measures with staff
  • What PTL did.  Set up a data collection and preparation process, designed and implemented the plots and user interface.
  • Outcome.  Demo of an online app showing some of the charts created.  Click here!


Shining a Light on Data