Clients — Shining a Light on Data


  1. CEO/President of Specialized Data Provider

“Pete Zajonc is an expert in what he does.  He understands business and client dynamics, and is among the best collaborators I’ve had in over 25 years in the marketing services business.  He offered the technical expertise of an expert who I felt comfortable with, and I was assured that my business needs were understood.”

Pinpoint Targeting…

  • Saved us months of development time by stream-lining our model build process
  • Simplified, restructured, and standardized our data to extract the most power from it
  • Provided us a way to rapidly expand our revenue base

“Peter’s consultative guidance enabled us to manage and close business with technically demanding prospects.”

2. CEO and Founder, Data Compiler

Feedback on Pinpoint Targeting contract work to establish a product development program for a large data broker:

“I believe you created the right kind template that will enable our data scientists to build a variety of propensity models. Moreover, you were able to work well with the data scientists and integrated yourself nicely into the company.”

3. SVP Operations, Data Services Company

Designed a recommendation engine to optimize client data enrichment proposals driven by machine learning techniques.  Feedback:

“To use your words:  I believe your solution helps us put our data in its best light!”

4. Product Manager, Data

In response to business plan developed for a new data product, early and under budget:

“Thank you Pete for your work on this – you’ve been a source for ‘deep thinking’ and have been very helpful in thinking through scenarios. ”

5. Director, Data Client Solutions

“Thank you for the kind words Pete, and thanks for pushing me to thinking about Analytics in a different way!”

Shining a Light on Data